$35 each set


These strong, leak-proof, reusable bags are ready to replace plastic disposable zip-bags.

They are ready to be:❄️ frozen❄️ cooled in the fridge🔥 boiled in a pot🔥 used in the microwave.


Use these for just about any everyday storage needs, such as sandwiches, nuts, seeds, fruits (seals in freshness even for sliced fruits), veggies, juice, milk, soup, sauces, leftover meals, frozen meat, fish, etc.


Key advantages: Air-tight, Portable, Leak-proof, Reusable, Resealable, Easy-to-use, Dishwasher safe


Each set of 4 bags come with:

1500ml x 2 pieces

1000ml x 2 pieces


Set comes in assorted colours.

Silicone Zip-Bags