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$10 each pack of 6 pieces
In a set: Small x 2, Medium x 2, Large x 2

Polyester-fabric Mesh Produce Bags are great for your grocery shopping needs, or storage for any other stuffs. Use it for produce, bulk products, or even for small toys,  underwear, shoes, and more. 
These are wonderful laundry bags for reusable fabric masks! Washer/Dryer safe.
Small bag can fit any bunch of small - medium size fruits like strawberries, cherries, tomatoes. Medium bag can hold any medium size fruits like a bunch of bananas, pears, apples, lemonsLarge bag has enough space for more or bigger sized produce like cucumbers, eggplants, corn. Wash your produce straight from the mesh bags. Just hang the bag to dry after use.

Polyester-Fabric Mesh Bags

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